A Ruby Collection of Time

A Ruby Collection of Time

Don Kogen arrived in Chanthaburi, Thailand 31 years ago at the age of 12. While growing up in the local Gem Market and constantly traveling on Gem hunting trips to Mogok Burma, Don quickly learned that the rarest and most expensive colored gemstone in the world is the legendary Unheated Pigeon Blood Red Ruby.

Don fascinated by the unattainable, pursued constantly for over 30 years to continuously hunt down the finest Ruby. Desiring only 100% natural state Ruby, basically looking for the needle in the hay stack.

Legendary Pigeon Blood Red Ruby rivals the most expensive Pink and Blue Diamonds at auction for price per carat. Unheated Ruby is one of the rarest Geological Phenomenon in existence.
Kat Florence unveils a small collection of fully certified Pigeon Blood Rubies as a showcase of Don Kogen’s life long commitment to collecting the King of all colored gemstones.

Due to the importance and provenance of this collection, each Ruby has been certified by Richard Hughes who wrote the book on Ruby and Sapphire to ensure the distinction of each piece.



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