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Jewelry Care


Kat Florence creations are handcrafted with some of the finest and most delicate materials in the world. In order to maintain the appearance of your precious piece, we have gathered valuable product care suggestions for you.


The gems, gold and other materials used in Kat Florence Jewelry can be very sensitive, especially to the particles in cosmetics, perfumes, hair products, lotions and soaps; which is why it is recommended to remove all jewelry before the application or use of such products.

The gems, gold and other materials used in Kat Florence Jewelry are very susceptible to heat and chemicals. Please avoid prolonged exposure to heat and avoid contact with chemicals.

After each time wearing the piece, it is recommended that Kat Florence Jewelry is gently wiped with a lint-free cloth to remove oils and salts.


Kat Florence Jewelry is fine and rare and deserves the utmost of care. It is recommended to keep your gemstone jewelry in a separate compartment of a jewelry box or in individual cloth pouches to prevent the pieces from scratching one another. Diamonds being the most sparkling and hardest of all gems should be stored separately to avoid scratching other materials.

Gem necklaces should be stored lying flat.

If storing chains in cloth pouches, please ensure to leave the catch hanging outside the pouch to reduce tangles.


All Kat Florence Jewelry must be cleaned periodically to preserve original glory.

If worn regularly, jewelry can collect dust, grime and other unwanted particles causing it to lose color and brilliance. Most gemstones are easily cleaned by soaking them in a simple solution of water and gentle soap. If you find your piece is especially dirty, scrub gently with a very soft toothbrush.

If you are interested in the care for a particular gemstone, we kindly ask you to get in touch with a Customer Care Agent.